Types of books

Types of books (to read (or not)):

  • Books to return to, touchstones that shape or shift a life
  • Books to skim, and extract one or a few good ideas
  • Books to digest, savor, luxuriate in, internalize in vague ways
  • Books like the aboveā€¦but that you then forget about completely
  • Books to grok in general totality, without reading
  • Books ‘read’ at a remove, mirrored/echoed in others
  • Books as examples, as role models
  • Books you only imagine reading, and prefer it that way
  • Books better talked about than read
  • Books to read and never talk about, ever
  • Books that, by their very existence, remind you of something
  • Books as beacon, that point you to other books, nesting dolls or fractals
  • Books everyone should read (rare)
  • Books only you should read (rarer still)
  • Books you find on a shelf, part-hidden, and admire from afar