Avast!* Those things that follow, thar be my current priorities.

If you’re working on anything related, shoot me a note, I’d love to learn more and / or see how I might be able to help.

I’m focused on two big themes: learning and creating — doing both as much as possible myself, and figuring out how I can help others to do the same.

Besides those two, at the moment I’m into books and libraries, narrative structure, creative writing, and the “Long Now”. Read on for more detail!


  • Wrangling a list of 100+ projects on my “someday maybe this would be cool to do” list, and trying to prioritize a handful to work on in the immediate future.
  • One of these priorities is writing regularly, and publishing my work more.
  • This year I’m getting back in the habit of writing hip-hop lyrics — writing one short verse for each day of 2016.
  • Find my partially-narrowed list here: https://app.simplenote.com/publish/hgq9hm


  • Developing a few courses — starting with one on how to build a daily writing habit.
  • Organizing / hosting events in the NYC-area that focus on small group community and learning experiences; I’d like to try some online events (webinars, workshops, etc.) as well.
  • Reading a lot of books, particularly sci-fi and all manner of nonfiction. And thinking a lot about libraries — and “antilibraries”. Sign up for the Antilibraries newsletter to learn about a few fascinating books from my to-read list every week or two.


  • See item above re: developing courses! My goal with these is both to improve as a teacher, and earn serious scrilllllaaaa a sustainable income. I may start charging for some learning events as well.
  • Another thing I’d like to do more of is help independent creators package their knowledge, reach their audience effectively, and build a sustainable business model.
  • I also want to prioritize getting better at engaging people, both individually and communally, and making things of real value.


  • Getting into hiking and trying to take advantage of the lovely outdoor opportunities afforded by Hudson Valley, and just travel more, generally.
  • I’m toying with the idea of starting a “Long Now NYC” Meetup group, to do occasional events re: long-term thinking and some of the more interesting / creative aspects of futurism. Let me know if you’re local and at all interested!

*Sorry about that, I read Moby Dick and now this is a verbal tic and it can’t be helped.