If you’re doing something creative that aligns with what I’ve listed on my “now” and “about” pages, there’s a good chance I’d love to work with you.

I’m a fan of serendipitous collaboration and project-specific working relationships — so instead of describing services-for-hire, here are two lists. The first enumerates some of my particular strengths; the second, topics and projects I’d love to explore.

Strengths and Specialties:

  • Figuring out creative solutions to problems related to content management, strategy, marketing, and audience-building
  • Writing rap verses on just about any topic, filled with humor and creativity and wordplay
  • Creating and editing media across a wide range of forms genres (I have deep experience in video, photography, and writing, and love to experiment)
  • Tools and ecosystems for ecommerce, digital publishing, and online marketing (Gumroad, WordPress / WooCommerce, YouTube, MailChimp, and more)

Collaboratory* Interests:

  • Leading classes, workshops, or other events focused on interactive, self-directed, and collaborative learning
  • Curating book lists and libraries, for everything from independent curricula to custom libraries for small businesses
  • Consulting and collaborating on awesome media projects, Kickstarter campaigns, and web experiments
  • Creating compelling information products (from books to courses to membership websites)
  • Helping independent creators and bootstrapped business owners with marketing, audience building, and monetization strategy, particularly when it comes to building sustainable revenue for creative work
  • Building and engaging passionate communities around niche interests, particularly related to learning

As a general note, with all the above, I’m particularly drawn to things that pose a novel challenge, and things that are exploratory in nature.

If you’d like to talk further, please get in touch!

*In trying to check whether or not this was a real word, I stumbled across this…a lovely concept, no? May we all work to create more collaboratories!