If you’re doing something cool and creative that aligns with what I’ve listed on my “now” and “about” pages, there’s a good chance I’d love to work with you.

I’m a fan of serendipitous collaboration and project-specific working relationships — so instead of describing services-for-hire, here are two lists. The first enumerates some of my particular strengths; the second is a hypothetical array of topics / projects I’d love to explore.

Strengths and Specialties:

  • I have lots of experience with media-making and project management, from writing to video to design
  • I’m creative and insightful, and enjoy problems re: high-level strategy
  • I have particular “full stack” expertise w/r/t video projects (including writing, cinematography, motion graphics, editing, digital marketing and distribution)
  • I’m fascinated by nuances of narrative, and knowledgeable about how to tell compelling stories in a variety of mediums
  • I can write rap verses on just about any topic, filled with humor and creativity and wordplay
  • I wield the English language with steady hand and tongue; I’m good at both writing and editing across a wide range of genres (it helps that I’m a voracious and omnivorous reader!)
  • I know a lot about online commerce, and tools / ecosystems for digital publishing and distribution (e.g. YouTube, Gumroad, WordPress, Teachable)

Collaboratory* Interests:

  • I’m interested in opportunities to lead classes, workshops, or other events focused on interactive / collaborative learning
  • I’d like to consult and collaborate on awesome media projects, Kickstarter campaigns, and web experiments
  • I’m excited about creating compelling information products (from books to websites to courses)
  • I’m interested in creative and business strategy for independent creators and bootstrappers
  • I’d like to build and engage passionate communities

As a general note, with all the above, I’m particularly drawn to things that challenge me, and things that are more exploratory than concrete.

If you’d like to talk further, please get in touch!

*In trying to check whether or not this was a real word, I stumbled across this…a lovely concept, no? May we all work to create more collaboratories!