Hey, I’m Brendan. I’m a writer, media-maker, book-collector, website-builder, and doer-of-side-projects living in Brooklyn, NY.

My interests include creativity, books and libraries, storytelling, experimental writing, design, ecology, computer science, education, futurism, and hip-hop. (And this list keeps changing…ask me more next time we chat!)

I graduated from Yale in 2011 with a degree in film studies and visual arts. Since then, I’ve worked as a producer, editor, strategist, marketing director, community manager, and web developer (small company; many roles at once!) for a company dedicated to helping people learn guitar technique.

In addition, I do occasional freelance consulting work (things like website / media projects / Kickstarter campaigns) as well as a good amount of reading and writing and a number of experimental side projects.

I enjoy being at the interstices of creativity, media, technology, and education, and enjoy exploring weird and radical ideas and pushing my boundaries.

Some of my goals include: writing and publishing more books, building a sustainable online business, forging meaningful communities, and continuing to craft my own self-directed learning program.

To get a sense of my biggest influences, check out my personal canon to see my all-time favorite books, articles, websites and more.

I love to travel, and there are about a million new places I want to visit, including a ton of national parks — I’ve been feeling the hiking bug lately.

What’s the best book you’ve read lately? Head over here and let me know!