Hey, I’m Brendan. I’m a writer, media-maker, technologist, teacher and entrepreneur living in Brooklyn, NY.

My interests include creativity, books and libraries, storytelling, experimental writing, design, ecology, computer science, education, information theory, futurism, and urban studies. (And this list is always changing…ask me more next time we chat!)

I’ve been interested in images and stories for as long as I can remember — an inclination that manifested in my early loves of two processes: taking pictures and writing rhymes. (And two less creative activities: reading and basketball.) This evolved into a love of film, which then spun into a wider interest in all sorts of media and technologies.

I’ve recently become immersed in learning more about entrepreneurship, and creating fun events and useful material to help people learn and be creative and curious.

I graduated from Yale in 2011 with a degree in film studies and visual arts. Since then, I’ve worked full-time as a producer, editor, marketer, designer, and strategist for a company that makes cutting-edge videos to help people learn guitar technique.

In addition, I’ve done a smattering of freelance work and consulting on media projects and Kickstarter campaigns, and (more importantly!) hacked on a whole bunch of different side projects.

I’ve also cultivated a succession of different writing habits over the past few years, which has been a lot of fun! Right now I’m working on a course about building a daily creative writing habit. Learn more here if that sounds up your alley.

I variously straddle the worlds of art, media, technology, and education, and enjoy exploring weird and radical ideas and pushing my boundaries.

Some of my goals include: write and publish a book or three, build a sustainable online business, launch a successful Kickstarter project, forge meaningful communities, and work on my own self-directed / DIY / independent masters program. Basically, I want to be more focused in how I learn and how I create.

Check out my “personal canon” — the various books, articles, websites and other media objects that have most influenced me — here.

I love to travel, and there are about a million new places I want to visit, including a ton of national parks — I’ve been feeling the hiking bug lately.

What’s the best book you’ve read lately? Head over here and let me know!