A simple list of my favorite people on the Internet — makers of great projects, writers of great blogs, crafters of great tweets, senders of great newsletters. Everyone below has in some way shaped my thinking, writing, and experience.

I’m always looking to add to this list, so if you have suggestions for similarly cool people/websites/resources to check out, let me know!

Anil Dash:
Austin Kleon:
Bret Victor:
Brian Bailey:
Buster Benson:
Casey Gollan:
Christina Xu:
Craig Mod:
Deb Chachra:
Devine Lu Linvega:
Derek Sivers:
Diana Kimball:
Erin Kissane:
Eve Ewing:
Frank Chimero:
Gary Chou:
Geoff Manaugh:
Ida C. Benedetto:
Ingrid Burrington:
James Somers:
Jay Owens:
Jean Grae:
Jer Thorp:
Jonathan Harris:
Katherine Ye:
Kevin Kelly:
Liz Danzico:
Mandy Brown:
Maciej Ceglowski:
May-Li Khoe:
Matt Webb:
Nadia Eghbal:
Nick Barr:
Nick Disabato:
Nora Khan:
Patrick McKenzie:
Paul Ford:
Roberto Greco:
Robin Sloan:
Safia Abdalla:
Tavi Gevinson:
Tega Brain:
Tim Maly:
Tom Critchlow:
Venkatesh Rao:
Willa Köerner:
Zach Gage:
Zeynep Tufekci: