Mission Statement

Hear ye, hear ye! On this day, a blog is born.

But first, a preamble—to briefly address an implicit set of questions you may be asking, namely, what’s this all about, why did I decide to start writing, and what are my hopes and expectations for the site moving forward:

I created this site (the first iteration of my personal homepage; somewhat traditional; much an experiment) for a few reasons: to showcase my personal and professional creative work, to offer a point of ingress for anyone who might want to hire and/or collaborate with me, to begin the gradual process of building (manufacturing, yes—but I hope organically!) an “online presence”, to share potentially interesting things with those few people with whom I share a wavelength or two. But most importantly: to hotwire a portal into my brain, expose its workings, and therein work to improve it.

I graduated from college last year and am now a bit out of practice as a writer; I’ve also found it hard to successfully corral my expanding interests into a set of directions I can make sense of, instead defaulting to a fluctuation between manic exploration and a sort of passive-curiosity-tinged-with-ennui. I consider this blog the most important part of my nascent site, and my primary goal is to use this space to focus my thoughts, define in concert my competencies and values, and figure out what things are most worth doing.

As far as specific topics of my posts go, I’ll be writing about whatever’s currently grabbing my interests with the most ferocity, the list of which will vary and evolve—but at the moment this includes technology, entrepreneurship, film, digital media, and all flavors of innovation.

If you’ve stumbled upon the site early enough to be reading these posts—first of all, thanks for reading. Secondly: I welcome and highly encourage any and all participation; if you’d like to help turn any of my unstructured thoughts into a true conversation, please comment, tweet at, or email me anytime. For more information about me or my work, check out the other parts of this site. If they seem to lead down a yellow brick road and/or rabbit hole to nowhere, they’re most likely under construction and coming soon :)

Disclaimer: my diction, and even my very thoughts themselves, may veer from academic to emoticonstructed to black-humor and back again. This blog aims high and has the best of intentions, but any given post could implode into total failure. Although I try to hold myself to rigorous standards, I’m new at this and I don’t always filter myself. By reading this you hereby agree to refrain from holding anything against me…unless warranted, in which case, please hunt me down and punch me in the face with your wisdom!