Hi, I’m Brendan.

I’m a writer, media-maker, and lifelong student. I’m curious about all sorts of things and I love exploring new ways to learn and create.

Current fascinations include: antilibraries, narrative structure, writing hip-hop lyrics, creative habits, the Long Now, and the future of libraries.

Below you’ll find links galore. Take a look around and let me know if anything sparks your interest!



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Sidewalk Spaces and Positive Gatekeeping

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Continuing my "Networked Communities" blogchain with Tom Critchlow, talking about how we write, how we connect, how we build communities online & more. This is the third post; see Post…

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Independent Bookstores and Patronage Possibilities

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I came across a Twitter thread recently about the brutal economics of independent bookstores, and it prompted me to consider some possibilities for making the bookstore business more sustainable. I…

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