Hi, I’m Brendan.

I’m a writer, media-maker, and lifelong student. I’m curious about all sorts of things and I love exploring new ways to learn and create.

Current fascinations include: antilibraries, narrative structure, writing hip-hop lyrics, creative habits, the Long Now, and the future of libraries.

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Antilibraries Kickstarter “Work in Progress” Update, July 2017

| Uncategorized | No Comments

Here’s the second in a series of “work in progress” updates for the Antilibraries “Codex Libri” project I launched via Kickstarter earlier this year. (Note: I’m publishing this as both…

Book Walks, or, The Life Changing Magic of Ambulatory Reading

| Uncategorized | One Comment

I’d like to offer some meditations on a simple practice that I think not enough people do, probably for fear of being hit by a car. The book walk is…

Antilibraries Kickstarter “Work in Progress” Update, May 2017

| Uncategorized | No Comments

I always enjoy when Kickstarter creators post detailed updates that shine a spotlight on the inner workings of their projects and creative processes. In that tradition, here’s the first of…

My Gift to You: A Bounty of Billion-Dollar Business Ideas

| Business, Creativity | No Comments

One night not so very long ago, my self-imposed daily writing word count goal loomed. But I was feeling like a sleepy dumb rhinoceros, and didn’t know what to write…

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