Virtual pop-up shops

What would something like an “online holiday market” or other sort of short-term pop-up collaborative shop look like?

Some kind of ecommerce platform or meta-platform where one or more sellers could come together for a sort of temporary market / fair, all selling for a limited time, and each would be available for that time for real-time chat, answering questions from visitors (or live demos, presentations, or anything else that might make it feel like a realtime thing).

Could this be some kind of plugin for WooCommerce / Shopify? Kind of an extension or more specific variant on the typical live-chat things you seeā€¦ Maybe some combination of customer support, entertainment or education angle, and sense of density you get with a locus of activity in a single time and “place”.

What sorts of groups of related sellers would this work particularly well for? Just saw a film about the New York Antiquarian Book Fair; what might a virtual book fair look like, with multiple sellers all specializing in different things? What kind of interface would give both sellers and users the sense of presence and excitement of being in a larger communal space?