Pocket rocks

Inspired by the beaches of the Pacific Northwest, where pocket rocks roam freely…

Pocket rocks are:

  • Hand harvested
  • Ritually blessed for luck
  • Incredibly smooth
  • Just the right size
  • Symmetrical but not overly so
  • Pleasing in shape and color
  • The best the shore has to offer
  • Handiwork of time and the great ocean
  • To be kept with you always, an aid to mindfulness
  • Pleasing to both hand and eye
  • Homage to the act of collection
  • Slowly acquiring a patina from use
  • Shaping your character, as its character is shaped by yours
  • Constantly unfolding, revealing greater depths on every look and feel
  • Meant to be collected fresh, gifted from the tides, plucked wet from the surf

Pocket rocks are not “worry stones”. They are authentic. They are of the sea. They are for your pocket only. They are full of soul.