This film is my final project for the “Intellectual Property in the Digital Age” seminar at Yale University, and was directed/produced in collaboration with Jacob Albert and Ryan Beauchamp.

It is a conversation among various musicians, visual artists, writers and lawyers, all sharing their views on why and how we use and create culture, and how intellectual property law, originally designed to provide people with incentives to create, sometimes hinders creative production far more than it enhances it.

The documentary features interviews with (in order of appearance): Eclectic Method, DJ Earworm (Jordan Roseman), Joy Garnett, Michael Cunningham, Dudley Andrew, DJ Ripley (Larisa Mann), Jonathan Lethem, E. Michael Harrington, and Edgar Garcia.

It was shared on Boing Boing and at the Open Video Conference in NYC, and got a few tens of thousands of views.

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