Liya, a troubled girl, tries to get to the root of her anguish with the help of her shrink, Dr. Emerson. Menace and confusion ensue. As things spiral towards a harrowing conclusion, the lush cinematography, delightful acting and dramatic subtexts of this seven-minute mini-epic will leave you white-knuckled and tense at the edge of your seat. A project I wrote, directed, and produced; shot on 16mm film for the Intermediate Fiction Film production course at Yale.

Shot with a handful of friends (and one enthusiastic professor) in a run-and-gun whirlwind shoot, production involved a good deal of improvisation, an incursion of questionably-legality into an abandoned hotel basement ballroom, and — because of the whole shooting on film thing — some beautiful uncertainty as to whether we got anything good. It worked out in the end — a great learning experience all around.

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