This is a children’s book—or really, an ABC book for all ages—that I made with my girlfriend, Jinjin Sun. Each letter is a strawberry—with a twist. We’ve created 26 beautiful hand-drawn ink and watercolor illustrations, accompanied by clever rhyming couplets, for “Awe Berries” to “Zsa Zsa Berries” and every letter in between. These berries range from comical and heartwarming to sweet and delicious, just like their real life counterparts. In summary, the book celebrates a vast, fascinating, previously uncharted world of strawberries. We’d like to invite you into this parallel universe of puns and poetry where Surrealist fancy and dazzling color conspire to melt your hearts—and your minds.

I did the writing and designed the layout, and Jinjin did all the amazing illustrations. It may have started as an inside joke at a holiday party, but after a few months of collaborative fun, turned into something we’re proud to share with actual children and children-at-heart alike. The book can be purchased digitally at Diacritical Mass or in paperback at Amazon.

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