This is a space for me to share what I’m learning. A placeholder for now, but I plan to update as I go.

Want to learn with me? Here are some great ways to do that:

  • Antilibraries: learn about all kinds of interesting books, and talk about libraries, reading, and more on our community forum
  • FNS: community of self-directed learners creating tools and structures to learn together (part of Fathom)
    • Related: Hyperlink Academy, a sort of emergent experimental digital university built out of connections between personal sites like this one :)

Join us at the links above! Please also feel free to reach out directly any time if you’d like to talk more.

Learning Goals

Some of the things I’m currently focused on learning:

  • Library and information science: curation, annotation, antilibraries, organizing information
  • Economics of independent creativity: alternate theories / models for sustainable work, patronage and gift exchange, radical organizational structures, etc.
  • Tech / web dev / digital publishing: learning more elements of a modern web stack e.g. Javascript and some kind of backend framework (maybe Laravel), the Indieweb, wikis, and more
  • Hip-hop poetics, songwriting, production: I’d like to explore hip-hop lyricism more rigorously, maybe experiment with applying Oulipean poetic constraints to rap, and work on an album
  • GRAB BAG (other miscellaneous things I’m more loosely interested in): learning and pedagogy, building communities, ecology, deep time, psychogeography, cities, worldbuilding

[[[More to come…]]]