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List of common misconceptions - Wikipedia


List of linguistic example sentences - Wikipedia


List of English words without rhymes - Wikipedia


List of humorous units of measurement - Wikipedia


List of national parks of the United States - Wikipedia


List of best-selling books - Wikipedia


List of closed pairs of English rhyming words - Wikipedia


List of lists of lists - Wikipedia


List of Latin phrases (full) - Wikipedia


Wikipedia:Featured articles - Wikipedia


Wikipedia:Good articles - Wikipedia


Wikipedia:Unusual articles - Wikipedia


List of oldest companies - Wikipedia


Category:Lists of museums - Wikipedia


Lists of books - Wikipedia


List of closed pairs of English rhyming words | Wikiwand


List of English words without rhymes | Wikiwand


List of linguistic example sentences | Wikiwand


List of films featuring time loops | Wikiwand


List of national parks of the United States | Wikiwand


List of best-selling books | Wikiwand


List of belt regions of the United States - Wikipedia


List of voids - Wikipedia


Comparison of project management software - Wikipedia


Wikipedia:Vital articles


List of articles every Wikipedia should have


List of fictional institutions


List of superlative trees



by Chad Greenberg

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Lists of unsolved problems


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In 1984, the desktop, ...


Twine as a Process Modeling Tool


Desktop Neo - rethinking the desktop interface for productivity.


An Argument for Heterarchy – Karen Stephenson


Feynman Diagram

forgotten facts can be recreated by triangulating from known fact…


Notes on Signatures

by Actual School

46 blocks



by Actual School

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pieratt on Twitter


Dear Google, are you listening?



Linking And Enhancing Blocks

by Csaba Osvath

16 blocks


iOS 11: iPad Wishes and Concept Video


Reading Networks


Spatial File Finder Interface Research


Arena Influences

by Charles Broskoski

128 blocks


Design *for* our brains, not *like* our brains


My CHI2010 Talk: A Study of Tabbed Browsing



a thinking culture





New Game in Town

In his new film, "Lo and Behold", Werner Herzog tells Ted Nelson that he thinks Ted is the only sane person in the computer field-- after seeing a simulation of Xanadu® documents. But that was just a simulation. Long ridiculed and considered…



by McDavid Moore

10 blocks


True Structure: ZigZag®


I hate linear narratives. My life, and mind, is made of hyper dimensional networks.

See this Instagram photo by @bopuc * 19 likes…


Xanadu Hypertext Project

"Project Xanadu, the original hypertext project, is often misunderstood as an attempt to create the World Wide Web. It has always been much more ambitious, proposing an entire form of literature where links do not break as versions change; where…


The Xanadu Document Model



by Clemens Jahn

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Transactive memory - Wikipedia


The Great Art of Knowing

"...first published in 1699 by Athanasius Kircher as a demonstration of the system of the medieval mystic "Ramon Llull's 'great art of knowing.' Generative, diagrammatic, dynamic, Kircher's image *produces the knowledge it draws.*" Joanna Drucker,…


Ted Nelson on Documents

A document is not necessarily a simulation of paper. In the most general sense, a document is a package of ideas created by human minds and addressed to human minds, intended for the furtherance of those ideas and those minds. Human ideas manifest as text, connections, diagrams and more: thus how to store them and present them is a crucial issue for civilization.—Ted Nelson Theory

by Suspended Reason

40 blocks


Channels, Blocks, & Maps (Hierarchies? Structures?)


imag - The commandline text personal information management suite



by Marcel Wolkenmachine

128 blocks


Citing Blogs - Joi Ito's Web


An Engineer's Guide to the Docuverse - Hacker Noon


Generating Wholes


Atlas Explainer Video

An overview of Atlas Recall, your searchable photographic memory for your digital life.…


Real Places in Virtual Spaces.pdf


Roam Research - A note taking tool for networked thought.


Atlas Morgue

by Maxim Leyzerovich

24 blocks


Thinking in maps: from the Lascaux caves to knowledge graphs


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Paul Soulellis, Urgent Archives

Who owns the platform? Who profits as the work circulates?…


Paul Soulellis, Urgent Archives

Post-Trump, it’s difficult to see the word “grabbing” and not recognize an imperialist move. Taking material in a way that disturbs authorship remains an intriguing strategy for artistic practice, but not without these urgent questions: Who controls the narrative? To what end will the found material be used? Does the act of appropriation work to reveal an imbalance of power, or amplify an underrepresented voice, or expose a site of oppression? Might the work even repair or stitch together broken relations? …


Carrying, embeddedness, printedness. Window-into-the-page. A grand assembling.

"Carrying, embeddedness, printedness. Window-into-the-page. A grand assembling." A talk performed at Printed Matter on 2 December 2016 for the launch of Morehshin Allahyari and Daniel Rourke's 3D Additivist Cookbook. The 3D Additivist Cookbook is an…


The 3D Additivist Cookbook

The 3D Additivist Cookbook, devised and edited by Morehshin Allahyari & Daniel Rourke, is a free compendium of imaginative, provocative works from over 100 world-leading artists, activists and theorists. The 3D Additivist Cookbook contains .obj…


The 3D Additivist Manifesto

From the purest thermoplastic, from the cleanest photopolymer, and shiniest sintered metals we propose to forge anarchy, revolt and distemper. Let us birth disarray from its digital chamber...

Just as the printing press, radio, photocopier and modem were saturated with unintended affects, so we seek to express the potential encoded into every one of the 3D printer’s gears. …


Alexis Chrun and Benjamin Mouly, Index.


Cao, Phil. Dear Chrome. Laser printed sheets from browser, variable pages, perfect bound. 2014 (work in progress).


The Serving Library


Experimental Publishing Studio syllabus, RISD, 2016


Anipoems, Kinetic Typography, Computer Poetry

by Mindy Seu

58 blocks


Whole Earth Catalog


Electronic Whole Earth Catalog: Structure to the Universe

The Electronic Whole Earth Catalog is a CD-ROM version of the printed Whole Earth Catalogs which has been updated to early 1989. The main difference between the printed and the CD-ROM versions is that the CD-ROM contains a large number of digitized…


Whole Earth Catalog by Stewart Brand




Experimental Publishing

by Paul Soulellis

131 blocks


Printed Web

by Paul Soulellis

13 blocks


Screen Translations of Permutational Print Texts

by Bryce Wilner

17 blocks


Untitled Zine by Siebren Versteeg


Experimental publishing

by Lozana Rossenova

27 blocks


alt/art publishing

by Johanna Flato

17 blocks


Radical Publications

by David Wise

1358 blocks