Hi Brendan,
It is interesting to see who you are becoming and how you are finding ways to uniquely express yourself. I wish we had been able to share more of our lives over the years but perhaps now is a good place to start. I too love to write and to explore ideas to see where they may lead to. In economics, I have been developing a new paradigm for capitalism, exploring the 5 constituencies of all businesses: Shareholders/Owners, Employees, Customers, Regulators, and the Community at large. So, instead of there being one primary duty, that to make a profit for the owners, there are in reality 5 pairs of duties deriving from each of a company’s constituents. e.g. there is a duty of a company to it’s employees and a duty of its employees to their company, and so on. Another topic of exploration is to try and develop an equivalent system of ideas for subjective internal experience as there is in the scientific method for understanding external things. I also have enjoyed photography over the years as well as writing poetry. Perhaps we may now start to know each other, I hope. Best wishes for you, Theodore Schlagel