Excellent, beautifully written essay review of the movie Jiro Dreams of Sushi – I definitely want to see it now. I liked your thoughts about two different modes of excellence, mastery and creativity. I wonder if the practitioners of such focused arts ever consider how they come to have particular standards of perfection, beauty, mastery. It reminds me of the tensions between ballet and modern dance, or the different aesthetics and goals of higher mathematics and theoretical physics. One path is built on traditional forms and the never-ending pursuit of perfecting the realization of these forms. The other path meets the challenges of new elements and forms created ongoingly to include new experiences and perspectives. I also prefer the latter style as I believe the deep purpose of creativity is to expand human horizons and our shared possibilities in new forms of culture. I believe life is fundamentally dynamic and inherently creative – prolonged stasis leads to death. I am reminded of Dogen’s famous expression ” practice is realization”. We find truth and beauty in practice, for ourselves and all the world.