32 Values

I’m a great fan of powers of 2. This hasn’t a mote of bearing on why the following list—my most recent, now passably comprehensive list of personal mandates, guiding principles, and constant reminders, culled from past lists and overwrought attempts at writing about myself—ended up with 32 items. But I appreciate it as a sign of cosmic symmetry nonetheless. These are my own basic values to think, create, play, communicate, work, and live by.

This is a list of simple things, but I think if I can take to heart and truly live by a majority of them, I’ll be satisfied with the way my life unfolds. If any of the ideas on this list resonate with you, please consider sharing them and/or adding your own!

Create value.
Take initiative.
Upend assumptions.
Make concrete decisions.
Think deeply.
Stay playful.
Linger at the contours.
Take things apart.
Leverage what you have.
Keep perspective.
Engineer ideas.
Form partnerships.
Be versatile.
Reject dogmas and biases.
Spread knowledge; seek beauty.
Spread beauty; seek knowledge.
Foster understanding.
Own your vision.
Work hard.
Be a conduit and connector.
Spend time well.
Favor the strange and wonderful.
Earn trust.
Take care in your explanations.
Tell great stories.
Extract the good.
Dream big dreams.
Make things.
Ask the right questions.
Befriend the good and the wise.